STEPS Design a T-Shirt Exhibition. 

STEPS is proud to announce this 2018 Homelessness Week Event, featuring an exhibition of T-Shirt designs by secondary school students, from the 6th August at the Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre, Carlton.

The brief was for students to create a design on the theme of Youth Homelessness or a creative design that would look good on a T-Shirt.

The aim of the T-Shirt competition was to increase community awareness of youth homelessness, to start conversations at school and at home, about ways we can work together to end homelessness.  Students had the opportunity to consider how they could creatively represent homelessness and their designs clearly showed that they still have hope!

First place winner Julie Nguyen spoke of her design “Space” and said that this represents that “There is always a way out, especially if you feel as if you are drifting into space.
The yellow balloon conveys happiness and hope.”  

To William Bakker, his second place prize winning design “Never Hopeless” means  “The phrase ‘Never Hopeless’ directly references the struggles that homeless youth must go through and how they cannot give up, even for a second.”

The winning images will be printed on T-Shirts, hoodies and canvas shopping bags and sold from August 6th through our social enterprise, Hosier Hoodies.

All profits will go to support the work of Steps Outreach Service, helping young people experiencing homelessness to find a safe place to live and have positive life outcomes.

To shop online for the top 13 designs on Men’s and Women’s T-Shirts Click Here