A Community that Cares

Thank you to everyone who has purchased apparel from Hosier Hoodies!

Already Steps Outreach Service has been able to pay for crisis accommodation for a young person for two nights to give him a break from sleeping in his car. We have also helped a family to move from homelessness into accommodation. We are grateful for your support which is making a real time difference!

Community collaboration is the only way issues such as homelessness will be addressed on any large scale. The Genesis of our journey started with a relationship that closed the gap between a member of the homelessness community and Hosier Hoodies founder Ben Hoban.

The Hosier Hoodies launch mural - The Khan in the background is by Heesco.
The Hosier Hoodies launch mural – The Khan in the background painted by Heesco.

Through partnerships with Tee Junction , graphic designer’s, Concern Australia’s – Steps Outreach Program and the incredibly gifted graffiti and street artists that have made Melbourne one of the worlds most desirable tourist destinations. Hosier Hoodies has birthed an opportunity to celebrate, while impacting positively the lives of our homeless community and the artists that frequent and coexist in many of Melbourne’s iconic laneways.

Piece by Facter at the Meeting of Styles 2016
Piece by Facter at the Meeting of Styles 2016

When Steps Outreach Service initiate responses to the needs of the young people they are supporting to exit homelessness, the ability to respond immediately is increased by the money made from the purchased Hosier Hoodies apparel. And as Steps engages some of the most marginalised people in Melbourne they are able to tangibly state that our ‘Community Cares’…

Remember we have T-shirts available for both men and women. Christmas is almost here and Hosier Hoodies are an amazing way to purchase a gift that celebrates Melbourne’s quality street art and at the same time empower a young person who is homeless with immediate support and pathways to longer term accommodation opportunities.

From the team at Hosier Hoodies thank you for your generosity. You are making a difference!